Frequently Asked Questions

All of the information regarding architechural controls can be found by following this link. 

Full Architectural Controls Document (pdf) 

The simple answer is “no”. Unlike so many new communities, Timberlands North doesn’t tack on an annual HOA fee. The community believes you invest enough in the neighbourhood when you purchase your lot and build your home here. So you’re free from the burden of an added yearly fee.

Information on any restrictions regarding fences, sheds and other ancillary structures can be found in the Timberlands Architectural Controls starting on page 27.  

Full Architectural Controls Document (pdf)

There are a number of public and private, religious schools nearby. 

Public: Barrie Wilson (Elementary); Central (Middle School); Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive (High School)

Catholic: Father Henry Voisin (Elementary); St. Thomas (Middle School); St. Joseph (High School), Gateway Christian (K-12)

This peaceful neighbourhood has the urban amenities you’re looking for nearby - grocery stores, drug stores, gyms, pet supplies, banking, tanning, car repair - you name it, the shopping is a walk away. Clearview Market Square with its wealth of shops and restaurants is just across 30th Avenue.

Timberlands North is located in the north east corner of the city.  From here you can reach anywhere in the city in about 15 to 20 mins.  Even during "rush hour"!  

Highway #2 is aproximatley 20 min drive from Timberlands North. 

There are a lot of options to suit your needs in Timberlands the lots are priced starting in the $130's.  

Any licensed builder can build here. We have 5 excellent builders who have built show homes here. (Please stop by for a tour.) They have lots assigned and are ready to partner with you. However, if you have another builder in mind, simply purchase a lot and have them start construction.

Absolutely.  Anyone can buy a lot, and any builder can build here. Our local realtor, Kim Fox Real Estate Team, can tell you what's available and arrange your purchase.

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